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We support local and small businesses to boost the local economy’s growth.

PT Sumiati Ekspor Internasional is committed to always develop and innovate from time to time to compete in the international market. We open opportunities for local craftsmen and UMKM who want to work with us to promote their products to various countries under the following terms and conditions:

  1. Please send a photo of your excellent product to our Product Development (PD) team via email with the subject “NEW SAMPLE OFFER TO PD”. If you are going to offer samples directly to our team at the office, please email or call to make an appointment. The following is the Product Development team that can be contacted regarding new sample offers:

    • Chris Ahmad (Product Development)

    • Suyatik (Product Development)

  2. Complete your personal data in the new sample offer email, such as:

    • Business name

    • Contact person

    • Address

    • No phone/WA

    • Social media

  3. Be sure to ensure product information offered such as price, minimum order, production capacity and other information about the product. We are interested in good products with good quality and competitive prices in the market.

  4. For the sample selection stage, we are going to first select the sample to ensure the product meets our export standard criteria. We will start offering the selected products to our buyers in various countries.

  5. Every sample sent to our office must be approved by our team before being sent. We reserve the right to refuse samples sent without the approval from our team.

  6. Every sample offered or sent, all costs will be fully covered by the prospective supplier.

  7. If the prospective supplier asked the sample to return, then this must be informed from the start to our team. Sample return fee including the shipping fee will be the responsibility of the prospective supplier.

  8. Samples approved by our team can be sent to the following address:
    PT Sumiati Ekspor Internasional
    Att: Chris Ahmad/ Suyatik (Product Development)
    Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai no. 333
    Banjar Kajeng - Pamogan
    South Denpasar 80221

  9. Make sure that the sample to be sent is a good quality, securely and neatly wrapped (especially if the item is fragile). Samples received in bad or damaged conditions will not enter our selection stage.

  10. Include on each item label or sticker containing information about the item, namely: Your business name, item code (if any), size, price and minimum order.

  11. If you have any questions about offering a new sample, please contact our product development team via email to or call 0361.4485976.

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