Why Buy From Us

Why buy 1

Free on Board (FOB) Price Quote
Easier to calculate landed cost.

One Stop Shopping
We offer widest variety of Indonesian handicrafts along with our own brand of unique crafts in easy to display packaging. No need to deal with cargo agent and many producers. Saves time and effort so you can start to sell right away.

Why buy 2

Special Packing
We have our own box-making facility and ready for retail or wholesale purpose. It is very efficient and will save your post-handling cost.

Packaging specialists
All packing are clear and safe. No guessing on volume and shipping cost. Safe packaging with no wasted space.

Why buy 3

Responsibility for Shipping
We are 100% responsible for our product quality. We try to reduce shipping problem and if such a problem happen on our side, we take full responsibility.

Product and Packaging Development
In 2007, we came up with over 9,000 new designs. We also send recent catalogs in CD to all of our customers 4 times a year as well as updating our website with the new products.


Why buy 4

Retail Solutions
We have a wide range product display boxes and on display stands, pre-packaged for your ease of selling, whether you are a retailer or wholesaler. These can be ordered with your special logo or name.

Ethical (Fair) Trader & Social Responsibilities
We follow all regulations including working hours, pension plan, overtime pay, paid leave time, and maternity leave. We also have a full time health clinic for staff as well as health card for all staffs. Our educational programs are targeting our supplier as well, especially for fair trade. For social responsibilities program, we work together with some of our customers on community projects.

Guarantee delivery
When we quoted you a delivery date, we will try to ship on time at any cost.
In the event of problem or changes due in production or shipment, we will surely advise you in advance and give clear choice.
We never promise a date we do not think we can meet

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