Concerns on Educational Field

Opportunity for educational institutions

Concerns on Educational Field

Educational / 7 September 2017 / No Comment

PT. Sumiati Ekspor Internasional gives an opportunity for educational institutions which proposing internship programs in our company. It is one of our commitments to take a part of succeeding the education development in Indonesia. We recently gave this opportunity to some students from SMTI Negeri Banda Aceh.

Aceh is one of provinces in Indonesia which was hit by tidal wave (Tsunami) on 26th December 2004, it is reported that the number of victim was about 15.000 people. Moreover, some of our internship students had experience of losing their beloved family in this natural disaster.

The internship program by students of SMTI Negri Banda Aceh was conducted from 5th January 2009 to 26th February 2009. During this period of time, our company provided guidance, trainings, and skills in industrial world. They received those guidance, trainings and skills in forms of:

  1. Guidance of the organizational structure of PT. Sumiati Ekspor Internasional (function and job description of each section), company rules, brief history of the company, administration of the company.
  2. Guidance of security, health and clean in workplace.
  3. Guidance of production process in PT. Sumiati in various sections :

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