• Helping Poor Students at Elementary School

    Raise our awareness to help to improve our nation’s educational field

  • Helping Orphanages

    Because they are the future, they are vulnerable, and most importantly, every child deserves a chance at life

  • Helping Victims of Disasters

    We realize we are not alone as social-being, so one of our social program is to help victim of natural disasters.

PT Sumiati Ekspor Internasional along with a few of our customers have been doing a continuous project to help schools and poor children in our area and in our suppliers areas. We help children whose parents cannot afford to pay school fees and continue to sponsor these children through their school years as necessary. We also provide poor students with shoes, books, and uniforms. In addition to this, we offer assistance to schools for things that they need. For example, building repair, providing sport equipment , or a DVD player and TV for English classes.

PT Sumiati Ekspor Internasional invites all our customers to participate on these projects. If you would like to donate, feel free to email us for the amount. You can send the donation along with the order payment. You can view at our Community Projects menu for more details of what we’ve done.