Improving Efficiency & Quality


The largest quality problem for wood carvings exporters from Bali and Indonesia is the danger of mold growing on the wood carving during shipping time. At PT. Sumiati, we have a specially designed dehumidifying room to bring down moisture content. This helps considerably but the processes need to be started from our suppliers and continuously throughout the entire process.

Thus we introduced the idea of helping our suppliers to understand the advantages of this in regard to both speed of production and quality issues. To this date we have now supplied 18 dehumidifiers to our suppliers with more coming on board each month. Below are some pictures, info on how this program works, and finally the positive affects for our suppliers and PT. Sumiati Ekspor Internasional.

Our Program

  1. Introduced idea to all suppliers of wooden items.
  2. When supplier confirms interest team is sent to view site. Check Electricity available, explain how to use machine and it’s advantages, supply info on room and size necessary, and drawing of room construction necessary (can be very basic, inexpensive structure).
  3. Supplier agrees to terms and to set up site as necessary to use dehumidifier.
  4. Terms:
    – Package received : 1 moisture tester
    – 1 dehumidifier
    – Total cost of Rp 9.500.000
  5. PT. Sumiati technicians will do the setup.

Payment Terms :

  • 30% deposit from supplier
  • Rp 500.000 per month until paid off

We make no profit and not charging interest on the purchased machines.

Advantages / Benefits

  1. Suppliers understand the connection between mold and moisture.
  2. With moisture tester, they are able to visually see and understand moisture content in wood. Have a clear indicator of when a painting and finishing can be done.
  3. By bringing down the moisture content quickly, suppliers will be able to keep the wood dry after kiln drying and speed up ability to paint goods. Faster turn around for all supplier, exporter, customer.
  4. Previously supplier use sun light to dry. This is obviously very unreliable in the humid sometimes rainy tropics.
  5. Chance of mold is greatly reduced (although not 100%). Ask any importer of wood items from Bali and they will confirm mold is the number 1 problem facing Bali Products.
  6. Improves image of Bali Products.
  7. Speed up production time (greater efficiency).
  8. Teaches supplier valuable information to help them understand problem and take action. Rather than receiving only complaints with no solution.
  9. This helps our suppliers with all their customers, and not just PT Sumiati. Hopefully word will spread among wood carving suppliers in Bali and Java.