Hydrant Training

Hydrant is one of fire fighting techniques which normally used. Hydrant fire fighting involves machinery factors dan large amount of water, therefore it requires several personnel or groups. Hydrants are located around the factory area thus they can prevent other areas from being burnt, especially those area with the highest-fire risk.

This simulation training will involve several teams such as:

  1. Team coordinator is in charge of monitoring and coordinating the fire fighter team in putting out the fire.
  2. Fire fighter team will be putting out the fire.
  3. Tap water team will be controlling the water supply in fire fighting.
  4. Monitoring team will be giving instructions in operating the water pump.
  5. Machine operator will be switching on and switching off the machine.

The hydrant’s personnel team will be different from the existing team in APAR. The teams must have alertness in their heart and soul. They are also required to have strong physical and to be agile because they will fight the big fire burning.

The aims of this training are :

  1. To minimize loss caused by fire accident at least before the fire department handle the fire.
  2. Building the courage in both workers’ mental and heart. Then they should be alert in handling fire accident.