HIV/ AIDS Prevention and Solution Program in Workplace


From all of mentioned medical activities existing in PT. Sumiati, HIV/AIDS program is now being run intensively. HIV/AIDS is not longer an issue for medical practitioners only, but it has already reached the professional world. What are the relation between HIV/AIDS and professional world? Workers are potential in getting infected by HIV/ AIDS because:

  1. Most of the workers are in the productive age level and sexually active.
  2. Many workers are migrant workers status who do not live with their family (3 M = Mobile Man with Money phenomenon). Therefore it increases the risk of getting infected by HIV/AIDS.
  3. There is a tendency that the growth of entertainment industry and industrial area take place in the same time.
  4. Accessibility/information spreading and HIV/AIDS services given to the workers are limited.

Furthermore, HIV/ AIDS affects the professional world in ways of:

  1. The threat of skilled human resources loss with all its implications.
  2. The rise of treatment and medical expenses for HIV/AIDS infected workers.
  3. The decrease of working productivity and workers’ health.
  4. The decrease of investment and the weakened of economic growth.


Our Programs

With all those reasons mentioned above, PT. Sumiati has been committed to carry various HIV/AIDS prevention and solution program out in workplace. This program has been continuously run since 2007 and several ongoing programs are like:

  1. Giving Basic Information about HIV/AIDS for the entire workers in a form of presentation, brochures and posters.
  2. Presentation on HIV/AIDS in workplace.

    • Who can be infected by HIV?
    • HIV can be contagious through?
    • HIV cannot be contagious through?
    • How to know HIV status?
    • HIV/AIDS counseling and testing service.
  3. Voluntary Counseling and Testing service (VCT)
    In early 2009, PT. Sumiati clinic has already had HIV/AIDS counseling and testing service which is also known as Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT). The VCT term may sound unfamiliar, but the need of this clinic is vast since it is one of ways in preventing the increasing spread of HIV/AIDS. VCT clinic was founded due to recommendation letter from Indonesian Ministry of Labour and Transmigration with the letter of Director of Health and Safety Environment No. Kep. 1218/PPK-PNK3/KK/XII/2008.

    For the time being, PT. Sumiati VCT clinic serves pre and post HIV testing counseling for internal workers only. But it does not mean that publics are not able to get the same service. The service provided is still limited so that the laboratory checking (HIV testing) and medical treatment have to be done at Sanglah Hospital or other qualified institutions. Apart from Sanglah as the reference hospital, VCT clinic has been cooperated with other hospitals and several foundations which concern on HIV/AIDS in Bali or even in Indonesia. Counseling officers are medical officers (company doctor) who have taken HIV/AIDS counseling training held by Ministry of Labor and Transmigration and Ministry of Health.