First Aid Training

As one of companies which implements the principles of health and safety environment, PT. Sumiati indeed puts First Aid in its priority. First Aid means that medical treatment given to someone before he is taken to the better medical facility, hence, the real aim of first aid is to prevent the injuries from getting worse, stop the bleeding process, prevent from being painful and ensure the respiration function in order to safe the victims from dangerous circumstances as best as we could.

In order to maximize the goal, PT. Sumiati through the company clinic and Health and safety Environment (HSE) actively hold first aid program such as providing first aid for accident victims in the workplace by medical officer in the company clinic. The medical officer is standby during the working hours. However, this technique is considered less than maximal since there is only one doctor who serves more than 550 workers.

For that reason, the First aid program is held regularly for the representatives of each department in PT. Sumiati. This training is in a short cource form which lasts for 1-2 hours. It provides the techniques of first aid for accident victims in the company, such as skin cut caused by sharp tools, burnt, injuries caused by chemical, acid and wet materials, electrical shock injury, victim evacuation, ect. The main goal of having first aid program is to empower our own workers as first aid officers thus they can handle first aid problem in the workplace in more effective ways. Furthermore, they may also spread the information and skill in handling first aid cases in the workplace from the training to their families or society.