Fire Extinguisher Training

One of the importance in having fire fighting training program is in order to have small fire fighting teams. This small scope involves personnels’ mental preparation in fighting small fire burning. It is also known as APAR (Alat Pemadaman Api Ringan) or light fire extinguisher.

This training is aimed for the company personnel in high fire-risky working place. The training empasizes on: (10) correct techniques of using APAR, (2) small fire fighting techniques.

The aim of APAR training are:

  1. Raising each personnel’s awareness of fire risk in each high fire-risky department.
  2. To create small fire fighting groups in company level. Thus, they are expected to be able to minimize the risk of having big fire burning.

The advantages of having Fire Extinguisher training:

  1. Workers will participate in keeping the company’s assets from the risk of fire burning.
  2. The company has small fire fighting groups which can put out the fire immediately.
  3. Allow workers to have courage and quick responses in fire emergency situation.