Evacuation Training

Evacuation is a self-rescue technique from a circumstance and an urgent situation. It is caused by either natural factor or production activities which leads to accident. The natural factor is like earthquake dan production factor is caused by workers’ defaults and human errors. Furthermore, unsafe condition can lead to fire which can jeopardize the lives of the workers.

The evacuation training is highly recommended for company in order to:

  1. Equip the workers with self rescue techniques because they are the assets of the company.
  2. Safe the assets and inventories of the company from undesirable major loss.
  3. To minimize and eliminate the victims number in earthquake and fire.
  4. Prepare and make responsive workers in any circumstances and urgent situations.

Safe self-rescue standard will be taught in every training thus it will not bother or harm other workers during the evacuation process. The life saving procedures in earthquake will be different from fire burning procedures. Moreover, document saving techniques and company assets will be given afterward.

Each worker will be trained and led by evacuation officers who have been selected in each section. This team will evacuate the workers to the assembly point where the evacuees are assambled in the safest place.

Evacuation training is normally done with all procedures once every six months. It is a hope that the workers will be eqquipped well in any urgent situations.