Health & Safety Programs

One of our Health and Safety Environment Department program is to support health and safety workplace issue. The program is an effort to create safety, comfortable, healthy and productive working place with less working accident and disease at workplace. This program is an effort to create safety, comfortable, healthy and productive working place also less from working accident and disease caused of work. Health and Safety Environment program which has done by PT. Sumiati Ekspor Internasional is by giving information and interactive forum from the expert on their field. We invited Health and Safety Environment Supervisor from Labor Union Department and Social Affairs Department for Badung Regency.

A. Points of Discussion

  1. What is Health and Safety Environment
  2. How to work safely
  3. How to had a concept on Health and Safety Environment
  4. What is the objective of Health and Safety Environment

The following topic of Information on Health and Safety Environment which was held by Health and Safety Environment Supervisor for Badung area, Mr. Ida Bagus Suardiasa and Mr. Kona, for about 2 hours:

For Company to Receive Information on Health and Safety Environment

  • A Legal company who has medium and high risk.
  • Small Medium Enterprises who cares about Health and Safety Environment.

Who are getting Information on Health and Safety Environment?

  • Every employee which work in special work place.
  • Entrepreneur which employ employee.

Objective of Information on Health and Safety Environment:

  • Socializing government program the importance of Health and Safety Environment in work place to the entrepreneur and work force.
  • Practice the principles of Health and safety environment in work place.

B. Benefits

  1. Every employee know the entrepreneur paid attention to their safety in work place.
  2. Every employee has discourse and wider knowledge and able to expand Health and safety environment principle in work place.
  3. Practice Health and safety environment principle in working place in creating awareness on Health and Safety Environment.
  4. Try to suppress accident and disease caused by work.

C. Vision & Mission

  1. To reach out and increase safe, comfortable, healthy and productive work place.
  2. To eliminate accident and disease caused of work.


To implement the principle of health and safety environment, we also emphasize the following regular programs and providing facilities:

First Aid Training
First aid program is held regularly for the representatives of each department. This training is in a short course form which lasts for 1-2 hours. It provides the techniques of first aid for accident victims in the company, such as skin cut caused by sharp tools, burnt, injuries caused by chemical, acid and wet materials, electrical shock injury, victim evacuation, etc.

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Hydrant Training
Hydrant fire fighting involves machinery factors and large amount of water, therefore it requires several personnel or groups. Hydrants are located around the factory area thus they can prevent other areas from being burnt, especially on those area with the highest-fire risk.

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Fire Extinguisher Training
One of the importance in having fire fighting training program is in order to have small fire fighting teams. This small scope involves personnel’s mental preparation in fighting small fire burning. It is also known as APAR (Alat Pemadaman Api Ringan) or light fire safety.

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Evacuation Training
Each worker will be trained and led by evacuation officers who have been selected in each section. This team will evacuate the workers to the evacuation point where the evacuees are assembled in the safest place. Evacuation training is normally done with all procedures once every six months. It is a hope that the workers will be ready in any urgent situations.

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Medical Service & Health and Safety Environment
Medical Security Service is available in a form of free medical treatment for the workers and their families. This service is given by the company doctor and takes place in the company clinic. We also spread medical information and importance through presentation, brochures, posters, and medical information column in our regular bulletin.

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HIV/AIDS Prevention and Solution Program
From all of our medical activities, HIV/AIDS program is being run intensively at the moment. HIV/AIDS is not longer an issue for medical practitioners only, but it has already reached the professional world.

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