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Who We Are

Based in Bali – Indonesia, PT Sumiati Ekspor Internasional is a one stop shopping for Indonesian handicrafts especially for Balinese handicrafts since 1987. We manufacture, trade, and sell Indonesian made giftware to many countries around the world.

What We Offer

We offer the widest variety of Balinese (and Indonesian) home decor, accessories, and handicrafts products along with our own brand of unique crafts in an easy to display package. No need to deal with many cargo agents and vendors. Saves your time and effort!

Why Buy from Us

Why Buy from PT. Sumiati..?

1. FOB prices quoted : Easy to calculate the landed cost

2. Packing specialist : All packing is clear and safe. No guessing on volume and cost to ship. We provide safe packing with no wasted space

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